Established 2004

Rocky Hi Speedway, Inc.



510 Center Dr.
Grand Lake, Colorado
(970) 627-9595

Open 7 days a week Memorial Day to Labor Day


Go Cart Racing
Grand Lake Go-Kart Racing
Go-Kart Track in Grand Lake
Grand Lake Fun Center
Grand Lake Bike Rental
Go-Cart in Grand Lake



Track Strategy:

Find the shortest line around the course. It has 5 turns and 1 straight away.

A slick track made of a smooth concrete surface.

It is possible to go full throttle around the track, but you have to cut just the right line or you can spin out in the turns.


All the karts are checked regularly to be sure that they do the same speed to increase competition.


To drive you must be 56" tall

To ride as passenger you must be 40" tall

To drive with a passenger you must be 16 with a valid driver's license



$12.00 to drive $3.00 for passenger

Discount pre-paid cards are available

1 ride is 5 minutes - approximately 20 laps

Mountain Bike Rental

Bicycles w/ Gears

Road & Cruiser Bike Rental

*Rates Subject to Change



Enjoy Grand Lake by Bike

Ride around Grand Lake and in Rocky Mountain National Park or on the Mountain Bike Trails.


Deposit plus Rental Agreement

 Helmets included, Lock available


Rental Rates*      

                                       2hr  4hr  8hr  24hr

Mountain Bikes        $20  $30  $40  $45

Road Bikes                 $20  $30  $40  $45

Cruiser Bikes              $15  $20  $25  $30

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Bumper Cars

Grand Lake's only Fun Center now has Bumper Cars!



To drive you must be 42" tall

To ride as a passenger you must be 36" tall

To drive with a passenger you must be 16 with a valid driver's license



$6.00 to drive FREE for passenger


Rocky Hi Speedway, Inc.

510 Center Dr.

(Located on the Right, first intersection, by the Post Office)

P.O. Box 1036

Grand Lake, CO 80447

(970) 627-9595


Private Party Rental Available